Walking Through Fire (1986)

Walking Through Fire

When April Wine broke up, Myles retained the right to use the name April Wine, and recorded an album in 1986. The record included songs by Myles as well as some by outside writers, and featured Brian Greenway on guitar, Daniel Barbe on keyboards, Jean Pellerin on bass and Marty Simon on drums.

The album was good, but it wasn’t quite the same.

Walking Through Fire did achieve success through two singles, Rock Myself To Sleep and a Goodwyn ballad titled Love Has Remembered Me.

Following this album, April Wine officially broke up.

01. Rock Myself To Sleep
02. Wanted Dead Or Alive
03. Beg For Your Love
04. Love Has Remembered Me
05. Anejo
06. Open Soul Surgery
07. You Don’t Have To Act That Way
08. Hold On
09. All It Will Ever Be
10. Wait Any More

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