Animal Grace (1984)

Animal Grace

Animal Grace was the final album created by April Wine. Released in early 1984, much time and effort was put into the making of this record.

The distance between the band members had increased, and the end of April Wine was nearing. The group gathered together one last time for their final tour. Their final performances were spectacular, but the band never reconciled until the next decade.

They played their final show on a hot summer night in British Columbia, on the last day of July, 1984.

This album dedicated to Robbie Whalen.

01. This Could Be The Right One
02. Sons Of The Pioneers
03. Without Your Love
04. Rock Tonite
05. Hard Rock Kid
06. Money Talks
07. Gimme That Thing Called Love
08. Too Hot To Handle
09. Last Time I’ll Ever Sing The Blues

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