All The Rockers (1987)

All The Rockers

This collection might be called “The Arena Rock of April Wine”, but not in any derisive sense. The songs here are displayed as a showcase of April Wine’s concert material. The music the band created with a show in mind included their most satisfying and enduring work.

This collection covers the main touring years from 1973-1983.

01. Anything You Want, You Got It
02. I Like To Rock
03. Roller
04. All Over Town
05. Hot On The Wheels Of Love
06. Tonite
07. Future Tense
08. 21st Century Schizoid Man
09. Crash And Burn
10. Oowatanite
11. Don’t Push Me Around
12. Get Ready For Love
13. Tellin’ Me Lies
14. Blood Money
15. Gimme Love
16. Weeping Widow
17. Victim For Your Love

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