The First Decade (1989)

The First Decade

The problem with compiling the songs of a group that has released numerous albums is that a lot of good music gets omitted. The First Decade adds 18 digitally re-mastered songs from the 70’s to the band’s impressive collection. Some were legitimate hits. Many were an April Wine specialty; the rock ballad. Still others were essential Wine songs or just plain favorites. At least 4 songs are certain to surprise the listener.

With the passage of time, our perception of the 70’s is certain to change. A gradual consensus will develop concerning what we choose to remember and what we decide to forget. It is already evident that Canadians want to remember April Wine. With The First Decade the memory will continue and perhaps even be enhanced.

01. It’s A Pleasure To See You Again
02. Bad Side Of The Moon
03. Drop Your Guns
04. Lady Run, Lady Hide
05. Electric jewels
06. Cum Hear The Band
07. Slow Poke
08. The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazy
09. Lovin’ You
10. Baby, It’s You
11. Somebody Like You
12. Am I In Love
13. Forever For Now
14. Wings Of Love
15. Marjorie
16. Child’s Garden
17. Mama Laye
18. Comin’ Right Down On Top Of Me

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