The 5000 Mile Road Trip

On Saturday, April 28th 2001, I traveled back East (east of me, anyway) to see
April Wine in concert at JJQ's in Etobicoke, Ontario (near Toronto).

This is a picture of the April Wine Discussion List members who gathered there.

Left to right: Art (member-to-be?), Michael, Darren, Wayne, myself, Debbey, Harry, Rob, and Kevin.

I made the trek from California to see this particular show for three reasons:
It was to be the first show featuring the "new member" of AW (ex-Coney Hatch frontman Carl Dixon),
the show was to feature a radically revamped setlist, and it was the kickoff of the Back To The Mansion 2001 Tour.

The setlist was as follows:
The Band Has Just Begun
Electric Jewels
Get Ready For Love
Tonite Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love
Cum Hear The Band
Talk To Me (from Back To The Mansion)
Holiday (from Back To The Mansion)
Won't Go There (from Back To The Mansion)
Falling Down (from Back To The Mansion)
I'm On Fire For You Baby
Here's Lookin' At You Kid
Drum Solo
If You Believe In Me
Weeping Widow
Sign Of The Gypsy Queen
I Like To Rock

Needless to say it was worth every mile of the trip to hear this awesome list of toonage!!!
The classics had new life breathed into them, and the selections from the new CD were fabulous!

Twice during the show the power went out, apparently due to some problem with the electrical system
at the club.  During the second blackout Jerry Mercer entertained the very patient fans with an
impromptu drum solo with the stage crew's flashlights lighting the kit, so instead of one amazing solo we got two!

After power was restored the second time, Brian stepped up to the microphone and asked:
"Hey Dave, is this what you brought with you from California?"
While I hadn't intended to drag electrical blackouts with me to the show, it was worth it to have my presence
acknowledged in front of the whole crowd, and to hear a bonus drum solo as well!

Brian Greenway poses for a few pics after the show:

PIC #1  PIC #2    PIC #3