Released: 2007


A few years ago, my mother was given a prestigious award for years of volunteering for an organization set up to help women in difficulty. My father expressed to me that I should write a song for her. As fate would have it, I had been developing an idea for a song that was a tribute to an anonymous woman and, at the same time, all women. Now, I had a more defined focus for the lyrics of the song, and once the words "mother of mine" magically appeared at the end of each chorus, the rest just seemed to fall into place. Shortly thereafter, I got to sing this song for my mother during the award ceremony.

Recently, it occurred to me that my song "Mother Of Mine" might be another way to recognize and express our gratitude and love for all mothers on their special day. With my band, I recorded the song in my home studio and called upon some close friends to help me put the final touches to the recording and make it available publicly.

As a final note, there is an underlying sadness in the lyric and tone of the piece that, I think, comes from our inability to adequately convey our indebtedness and appreciation for all of the sacrifices, all of the love and care and nurturing, all of the guidance and direction that we all receive from our mothers.

Composed by David Henman (SOCAN)
Recorded by The David Henman Band
Mixed by Dave Ferri at Orchard Studios
Mastered by Ken O'Gorman at Hole In The Wall Studios
Distributed by Bullseye Records of Canada Inc.
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Formed in 2004, the David Henman Band performs original music exclusively. The band is comprised of David Henman on guitar and vocals, Handel Eccelston on bass and backing vocals, and Eddie M Cromwell on drums/percussion and backing vocals. Originally from Nova Scotia , David Henman was one of the founding members of April Wine. One of his songs, “Drop Your Guns”, was a top-forty hit in Canada . David is also a former editor of Canadian Musician magazine.